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ow12De Foto Commissie binnen Lima Scabra houdt zich bezig met alles wat met (onderwater-) fotografie te maken heeft.

Promotie Onderwaterfotografie

Regelmatig wordt de specialisatie Onderwaterfotografie georganiseerd binnen de vereniging. Binnen de Foto Commissie zijn deskundige leden aanwezig met meerdere jaren ervaring in het fotograferen met zowel analoge als digitale camera's. Zij kunnen je adviseren bij de aanschaf en het gebruik van onderwatercamera's.


De Foto Commissie verzorgt ook een aantal presentatie-avonden; vaak in samenwerking met de Evenementen Commissie. Hierbij worden foto's vertoond die zijn gemaakt in Nederlands water of tijdens een verre duikreis. Ook van clubevenementen worden fotoreportages gemaakt, die later in het seizoen worden vertoond.


De Foto Commissie maakt ieder jaar een onderwaterkalender met de mooiste foto's van eigen leden. Deze wordt traditioneel op de nieuwjaarsreceptie uitgedeeld.

X-Ray Mag #60

X-Ray Mag #60
Indonesia's Gorontalo, Cayman Brac, Antarctica, Brazil's Fernando de Noronha, New Dalarö wreck park in the works in Sweden, Reviewing the Se7en, The art of bailing out, Idiot buddies, Safety culture, Scuba Confidential, Sensational snoots, Overview of photo editing software, Seacam Academy, Florida's artificial reefs, Erika Pochybova-Johnson portfolio; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

X-Ray Mag 60

X-Ray Magazine 60 online

X-Ray Magazine #59

X-Ray Magazine

New issue posted! <http://www.xray-mag.com/category/x-ray-archives-back-issues/new-issue-posted>

X-Ray Mag #59 <http://www.xray-mag.com/content/x-ray-mag-59>

South Africa's Sardine Run & Cage Diving, Honduras' Miskito Cays, Mars the Magnificent 16th century wreck in Sweden, Richard Lundgren interview, Washington State's Hood Canal, Namibian Sinkholes, Gary Gentile profile, Ghost Fishing, Basking Sharks, Wide-Angle with Mirrorless Cameras, Scuba Confidential on Breaking the Chain, Tech Talk: Listerners, Watchers and Doers, Michael Frank portfolio; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

Destination reports * Miskito Cays Following six flights, two nights and a 30-hour boat trip, I found myself approaching a relatively... * South Africa: Sardine Run & Cage Diving The world in one country is an oft-used quote to describe South Africa and is not unwarranted. Along with... * Washington States Hood Canal Over ten years have past since my last dive in Hood Canal. I’m not sure why, probably because I’ve been so...

aquaCORPS Magazine * Gary Gentile -- Deep Wreck Diver Gary Gentile not only helped pioneer deep wreck diving, but also documented its art and craft, in addition...

Older warships * Mars the Magnificent: 16th Century Swedish Warship The Swedish warship Mars, otherwise known as Makalös (peerless), sank in a sea battle during the Northern... * Richard Lundgren: The Man From Mars You could say that Richard Lundgren’s destiny was cast when his parents took the precocious, then eight-...

Scuba Confidential * Scuba Confidential: Breaking the Chain Last year I was invited to deliver a lecture at the Oztek show in Sydney, Australia. I spoke on the topic...

Conservation * Ghost fishing: Can we prevent it? There are certain images of marine life that consistently conjure up a predicted response from the general...

Cave Diving * Namibian Sinkholes Who could imagine for a minute that Namibia is a diving destination?

Steve Lewis * Technical diving

Listeners, Watchers & Doers * Is it the agency or the instructor that’s important?

Sharks * The Basking Shark <http://www.xray-mag.com/content/basking-shark> First scientifically described by Gunnerus in 1765 from a specimen in Norway, there is an earlier...

Still photography * Mirrorless Cameras & Wide-Angle In this article, the final one in the series, I will explain my personal experience with wide-angle...

Portfolio * Michael Frank Portfolio Inspired by the magical ambience in the works of early American artists painting scenes with great...

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Underwater Photography magazine #77

Dear underwater photographer

Just a quick e mail to let you know that the latest issue UwP77 is now available for
downloading at

It's FREE to download :-)

If you've already downloaded it, I apologise for the intrusion.

It's another great issue which I hope you will enjoy and as always, your feedback,
good or bad, is always appreciated.


Best wishes

Peter Rowlands
Underwater Photography magazine

What's in UwP77? Mar/Apr 2014, 74 pages.


News, Travel & Events Backscatter Wakatobi Expedition Periphylla Safari Nudibranch Photo Competition DEEP Indonesia 2014 Competition WORLD SHOOTOUT 2014 Neutral Density Photography Awards 2014 Dive the Solitary Islands

New Products Ikelite Nikon D5300 Nauticam NA-GX7 housing for Panasonic GX7 Acquapazza Sony A7/A7R housing New Leak Insure(TM) GoStrips(TM) SEALUX 4K CC1DC housing for Canon EOS 1D-C Aditech Mangrove video light VC-4L6X Amphibico Pocket Buddy ® for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Nauticam NA-A7 housing for the Sony A7R Ikelite Steady Tray for GoPro Recsea housing for EOS-70D Canon PowerShot D30 Aquatica A1D-C/X housing for the Canon EOS 1D C AND 1D X Gates Sony F55 housing Aquatica AE-M1 for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 CMpCam Aquatica SW8 Port INON accessories for Fujifilm XQ1/WP-XQ1

Scubazoo Sensational Seas of Sabah Diving Guide of El Hierro

Photo Competitions Beneath the Seas Our World Underwater

Product reviews FIX NEO controller by Jussi Hokkanen Best compacts 2014 by the team at Backscatter Olympus/Nauticam E-M1 by Phil Rudin Lightroom Radial Filter by Doug Sloss

Marine life Juvenile fish by Colin Marshall Sea Dragons by Paul Macdonald

Locations Seychelles by Joss Woolf Anilao, Philippines by Mark Webster

Book/App Reviews Underwater Photography Art and Techniques by Dan Bolt East Indies Reef Fish by Peter Rowlands

Parting Shot by Nigel Marsh


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